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November 03, 2006



Thanks for the breakdown. Is it possible to choose A, but not give up anything? I'm sure it'll help if the friends around you are mature enough to accept you as a person with multi-faceted interests and cultural preferences, and love you anyway.


Hey Chris! Very interesting assessment... I think some (or most?) asian americans are stuck somewhere in between A and B, though. For example, at Calvin, i was never really American, so I never fit in with the caucasians. I was also never really an international student, so I never really fit in with the international students. The only place I fit in the best was the philosophy majors (but even then, not really...). Back in California, though, I'm not quite sure where or how I fit in... wherever/however it is, it's better than MI; but still has awkward moments of cultural misunderstanding...

Chris Chan

sacrod i just saw your comments. if you talk about Calvin, well let me tell you i never fit into any groups. the only 'group' (3 ppl including me) i feel comfortable was hk group with monique and alex. another group i feel i kinda comfortable was the MKs. i don't fit in CS major, i don't fit in international students, i don't fit in michiganians, i don't fit in no place!!!


Chris says he does not fit in with any group. But set himself with groupB and some of groupA

groupA is not definative. You can always change what is not needed.

GroupB is understood because there is a feeling to return to one's home land.

Perhaps Chris is only experienciing one side of things? because he only asociates with church friends he may not see the overall picture of the outside world?

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