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April 05, 2004


Andy Cheung

Well said,

the concert sure seemed like a dream.
Literally for me, since I was so tired and sleepy most of the time. Even during the concert at times, I have to be honest..

Therefore, it's hard to recall for myself that I was actually there, because it felt so surreal. And also because everything was so short and had to go back to ordinary life already the very next day.

But anyway, it was a pleasant dream indeed that I will also never forget! ^^

Talking about dreams, I once dreamed about ZARD actually. I could see Izumi and another person (??) in my garden.
I was looking for something for her to sign, but for some reason couldn't find it. Eventually, I snapped out of it before I got a chance to get an autograph. Seriously lol.. :P


"Surreal" is an excellent word to describe the concert trip. The people, the food, the places we visited, and of course most importantly the concert itself. I don't know if I'll have another chance to have such a wonderful experience. I think if I go to Japan again it'll be very different than this time, with the fans, with live Izumi, with the 3-days running around Tokyo.

I felt so tired the entire trip as well. My toe got blister after I got back. I don't get to exercise too much here in California. I need to... but the aches and pains are so worth it!

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